Acid Power

On May 28, 2015, in Live Sets, New Tunes, Recording, by Christian

Sometimes, just sometimes, things turn out just how you want them to…

This has been knocking about in different guises for about 14 years now(!) – the original was a quick and simple experiment that I did using some loops I made on a very old soft synth. It resurfaced in about 2004 as a newer version of that, and then became a feature of live sets in the early 2000s when I did play out a bit. It’s finally got the recording treatment with this (hopefully) polished but punk version… :)

While I am here, just a little update. Busy building more excitement into the studio. I am aiming to get the full 18 inputs into my DAW soon, so all my toys are there when I boot up. Several new tunes in the making and recreating the new and old material live is well on its way. Look out for news of gigs in the autumn.

Anyway, here’s the tune…

The acid line has always been the feature and this shows my trick of doubletracking via a Bass Big Muff Pi and another distortion pedal (in this case a Digitech Tube Screamer) to get a low end to the sound. I played with various synths before deciding on the saw/rave sound (using Ableton’s Analog)for the second part. All the percussion is from an S950 sampler, recorded via midi on an RM1-x and then to audio chopped up in Ableton. The Electribe ER-1 and ES-1 also contribute loops.

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Inner City Noise Pollution

On March 28, 2015, in Recording, Thoughts, by Christian

Every now and again you have things in life which do your head in. You love them and hate them at the same measure. I am not talking about family here – this tune is something that has been knocking about for a while, in a few live sets and when I started moving towards getting my live material recorded it was the first I went with.

I hoped to have it finished, and thought I had. But it’s not quite got the whack it needs. Anyway, here it is – I would gladly listen to any thoughts…

For those that are into such things – here’s a bit of info about the tune. It slots into live sets at the 3/4 hour mark in a 1 hour set. Two or three tunes before the end, where the power of the set reaches a shoulder, to drop back a little before it goes crazy again. So it’s pretty extravagant – with the full on trio of guitars, acid lines and synth hooks that I love. The main synth came from the Korg MicroKorg with support from the various electribes.


Born into an Age of Panic

On November 30, 2014, in Recording, Remixing, by Christian

I was very excited to find out that Senser recently opened up a remix contest for their track ‘Age of Panic’ – this is one my favourite tracks from one of my favourite bands – I had been thinking about how to get some of their samples into my own live sets for a while so the chance to download the stems for a full remix was amazing.

I started off with a bit of an abstract dubstep industrial mix, inspired by acts like Celldweller and Subsource, but over time this slid back into what I do best – banging club techno. So here it is…

Sadly I didn;t win, but received some encouraging comments from the Band and it has been good to get it out there. It will hit my live set very soon!

I am, of course available to discuss remixes of your work if you would like something to get the Suburban Acid Saturation treatment…


Program 342/44b. Report.

On October 16, 2014, in Recording, Thoughts, by Christian

Sir. Incoming diplomatic transmission from Agent 1479 on the Planet Sol 3, known by it’s inhabitants as ‘Earth’.

Program 342/44b. Report.

Following the collapse of the previous civilizations on Sol 3, the rebuild has not been successful. The innate aggression and avarice has remained.

Isolated pockets of transcendence remain, and whilst we should consider if any intellectual and genetic material should be salvaged from these examples, the remainder of the population has degenerated. Superstition and intolerance has led to religious fanaticism and war, and the stronger examples of the species hoard wealth and consumables while others are left wanting. This is over and above the normal process of social evolution.

There is general increase in opinion among the native species that their society is in its end days. Our assessments confirm this is an accurate teleological position.

Request removal and reintegration into Canopan society, and recommend withdrawal of all intervention on Sol 3.

The Human Experiment has failed.

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